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A documentary crew follow Micky, a unemployed man living in Derry. It’s Christmas time in Micky’s flat

6pm UK time, ‘Micky’ Epsiode one will be available from the EPR YouTube channel from the link below


A teaser for the upcoming web series, ‘MICKY’

After coming off the back of Unlucky Artist: Volume 1 , which amassed over 200,000 hits in its first week, I decided not to hang around…..

‘MICKY’ Is a brand new comedy web series that will go into production on Friday. It is a ‘mockumentary’ that is set in Derry, Ireland and it will be shown on YouTube. I can’t give too much away about the project at the moment, but when I have news about when the first episode will go live, I will share it with everyone else.

More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!