IMONTHEBANDWAGON is two years old! It’s come a long way from the first few band conversations that were posted. From hitting over 10,000 subscriptions to being picked up by television production companies, to creating a free eBook that pulled in over 200,000 hits. So thank you for all of the support!

At the end of last year you may have seen me plugging the web series ‘MICKY’. The first 3 episodes pulled in over 30,000 hits. The 3rd episode especially did well, getting mentions on major comedy websites. There were supposed to another 3 episodes but it was snapped up by a production company. Now a major channel in the UK is looking at possibly commissioning 3 episodes to place on their website and we will get an answer in June. If that does well it will get a Pilot episode and then who knows!

So I’m calling on all the IMONTHEBANDWAGON fans to help put the word out and share ‘MICKY Episode 3′ with everyone and anyone so it can’t be ignored. If we manage to get a decent amount of hits in the next few weeks, I will release some new stuff, maybe even a new conversations with ‘The Band’, if you are lucky.

So re-blog it, Twitter it, Facebook it, anything you can think of and I will put out some new stuff. I will post the link underneath for you to share. It will open up in a new page.


A documentary crew follow Micky, a unemployed man living in Derry. It’s Christmas time in Micky’s flat

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A documentary crew follow the life of Micky, an unemployed man living in Derry. We meet Micky’s friend David and find out a bit more about Micky’s life

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In the first 48 hours of the first episode going up, we have had over 11,000 views, which is insane. The next episode is coming Monday, so to make sure you catch it as soon as it goes up, subscribe to the YouTube page here and also you can see exclusive photos and stuff from the Facebook page hereImage


A documentary crew follow Micky, a unemployed man living in Derry, Northern Ireland. He is one of thousands of people that is living with unemployment, but also has another challenge to overcome….

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6pm UK time, ‘Micky’ Epsiode one will be available from the EPR YouTube channel from the link below


A teaser for the upcoming web series, ‘MICKY’

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After coming off the back of Unlucky Artist: Volume 1 , which amassed over 200,000 hits in its first week, I decided not to hang around…..

‘MICKY’ Is a brand new comedy web series that will go into production on Friday. It is a ‘mockumentary’ that is set in Derry, Ireland and it will be shown on YouTube. I can’t give too much away about the project at the moment, but when I have news about when the first episode will go live, I will share it with everyone else.

More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well it’s finally here. After two and a half months in the making, it is ready. Unlucky Artist: Volume 1 is available free to download.

If it wasn’t for the followers on WordPress, I wouldn’t have got the success I have now or even be able to put this sort of project together, so I thank you. Please go to the ISSUU website and give it a good rating if you like it. I also recommend that you download it. It’s quite lengthy and it means you can keep coming back to it. We had last minute problems with the cover so it is a bit plain but really it is about the content.

Spread this far and wide and hopefully we can reach the target number of hits/likes/downloads to do some real damage. The link is below along with the link for the Tumblr site, where it can also be found.

Thank you.

ISSUU - Unlucky Artist: Volume 1

TumblrUnlucky Artist: Volume 1


Unlucky Artist: Volume 1 officially goes live at 12am UK time!

the countdown begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!